Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Information On Handbag Wholesaler

The idea of selling fashion handbags on a wholesale basis is definitely a step in the right direction if you want to get into the fashion industry. This is simply because with the current changing fashion trends it becomes easy for you to stick to the present trends. Of importance here is the fact that wholesale handbags are usually found in a wide variety of design, something which gives you a greater footing when it comes to establishing your presence in any market. To be a handbag wholesaler means that other than the large quantities of handbags which you either purchase or sell, you can also double up as a handbag importer.

Note that by being a handbag wholesaler, there are things that retailers have to demand from you, notably reliability. If you are going to supply fashion handbags, then you need to know that they ought to be delivered on time. The retailer needs to be in a position where they can place their trust on you. It is therefore important to be associated with a group that can be relied upon to meet deadlines. This is where the issue of your being a handbag importer comes in, owing to the fact that at times the supplier might decide to fail you.

The advantage of being a handbag importer and at the same time wholesaler is simple. Soon as your stock is over, then you make all the profit since you did not have to pass through a middleman. That aside, a handbag wholesaler is one who is as well in the business of influencing the type of fashion design that they think suits the market. In other words, this position acts as a vehicle through which information is channeled from the retailer who is directly dealing with the product consumer to the manufacturer.

In simpler terms, the consumer is able to address his needs in terms of fashion and design, through passing the information to the retailer who then passes it on to the handbag wholesaler who then delivers it to the manufacturer. When dealing in a handbag wholesale, you don’t have to do it offline, where you have to wait for months for a consignment to arrive. With the advent in modern technological methods of transacting business, it has become extremely easier and much cheaper to sell fashion handbags online. Also, you could as well opt to wholesale cheap handbags in the event that financial constraints set in. Note that cheap does not in any way mean compromise on quality.

Talking about online sale of fashion handbags in wholesale, it is important to note that there are accepted channels of transactions that act as a facilitator of the whole process. This is to mean that there are online facilitators of transactions, who work to ensure that you do not get to loose any money or that your information does not fall into the wrong hands. It ensures that returns from the handbag wholesale business comes directly to you. As a handbag wholesaler, you are assured of maximum profits whenever you transact.

Handbag wholesalers can reap the spoils of their business only if they can get orders in huge volumes for fashion handbags. Visit the website to know the secrets of this trade!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

LS Wholesale bags new website

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Lsbags.co.uk is a handbag wholesaler offering quality ladies fashion handbags,fashion accessories. As a handbags wholesaler we aim to provide high quality handbags at competitive price.
Lsbags -Newcastle based handbag wholesaler, has opened a brand new online shop. The website features a wide range of ladies fashion handbags. We are the sole importer of all our wholesale handbags making all our items exclusive to lsbags.co.uk.

We are promoting www.lsbags.co.uk with free delivery on orders over £400. The brand new online shop allows customers to browse and purchase from a very wide selection of fashion handbags. Customers, both casual and existing account holders, can now order 24 hours a day, pay online and have their orders delivered to their door, nationwide. Lsbags.co.uk
Lsbags.co.uk is easy to browse and simple directions enable the buyer to find and order fashion handbags they need at competitive prices. All transactions are processed by RBS Worldpay for secure, safe and fast processing of orders. Lsbags.co.uk places the highest value on your privacy and security. We take the protection and proper use of your personal information seriously, and take great care to safeguard information in our possession.

Lsbags.co.uk utilizes 256 bit encryption SSL Encryption to ensure a secure and worry-free shopping environment. SSL is the industry standard and the best software available for secure ecommerce transactions.
We listen to our customers. We appreciate your feedback and use it to help improve our service and assortment. Please keep those e-mails and phone calls coming!

Our company is seeking various partnering opportunities, we are happy to work with small shops and large multiple retailers. If you or your organization has an interest in partnering with us you can contact us via e-mail.